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What If Your Kindle Fire Won't Charge? | Kindle Support Number

What If Your Kindle Fire Won’t Charge? | Kindle Support Number

Kindle Fire Won’t Charge: Getting problems charging your Kindle Fire? There are various reasons. They could be

(i) An error with the tablet.

(ii) A problem with the charging cable.

(iii) An issue with the micro-USB power cable or a short power outlet.

If after the basic troubleshooting, and still your Kindle won’t charge, contact the retailer you buy your device from. Kindle Support, for further assistance.

Reset the Kindle Fire:

Still, if you don’t understand the tablet’s inability to charge, you can just fix this problem just by a restart or you can say that reboot your Kindle device. To do that, just follow the given steps.

(i) Hold down the “Power” button for at least 20 seconds.

(ii) Press the “Power” button again to see if the device will turn back on.

(iii) If the tablet is still off, plug your Kindle Fire charger in and wait 15 minutes before trying to turn the power on again.

Check the Kindle Fire Charger Cable

The quickest way to charge the Kindle Fire is to connect your tablet to a micro-USB cable which is attached with an Amazon Kindle Power Fast adapter connected with a power outlet. If you are using a cable or adapter, that was clearly not designed for the Kindle Fire, the charging connection could be the issue. Ensure that when you try to charge your device again, that you do when your products are guaranteed to be compatible with your tablet.

Check the USB Connections:

When you use a well-matched charging cable and the tablet still not charge at all. Take a closer look at the micro-USB port. Occasionally this port can start to come loose, which can stop with the cable’s ability to properly transmit power to your device. If your Kindle fire port is loose, you need to replace the tablet.

Ensuring Power Outlet Works:

Ensure that the power outlet you have been trying to the plugin is in proper work.  To verify it, plug in another device into the same outlet to see if the power is flowing. After using all the steps if you have left where you started, and still your Kindle Fire won’t charge, check the warranty period. Otherwise, place a call to Kindle Help Number or chat with the experts.

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