Want an Easy Fix for Your Kindle Fire Won’t Turn on? Read This!

My Kindle won’t Turn on - How to Fix it!

Want an Easy Fix for Your Kindle Fire Won’t Turn on? Read This!

What to do if my Kindle Fire won’t turn on?

As a Kindle user; at least once everyone has tackled the issue of “kindle fire won’t turn on” even when plugged in “. It is a temporary error. And you can resolve it easily. But occasionally the error could be serious that needs special care.

In this, you will learn more about this issue and some possible solutions to deal with it. You will also get to know some more stimulating facts about your Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire series was introduced by Amazon. It has been proved “Tour DE Force” and is quite favorable in the Android tablets.

Amazon’s Kindle series has been often promoted and many options are available now with enhanced HD quality, size disparity& content fondness to bring best to their customers.


The Amazon Kindle Fire series is a big asset for those people who love reading anytime, anywhere. In other words, it’s a compact library. Which you can access anywhere.

It is essentially an e-reading tablet that permits you to buy and download books, articles, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and any other reading material straight on your Kindle Fire device.

What are the Features of Kindle Fire HD Series?

Besides reading e-books, there is a lot you can do with your Kindle Fire; the following are few other fun highlights:

  1. Access the internet (complete browsing).
  2. Work with your mailbox (write/send or receive emails).
  3. It is well compatible with HDTV.
  4. Having Bluetooth as a connectivity option, you can hook up to any other device.
  5. The headphones allow you to listen to any audio books or your favored music.

The other features of Kindle fire are:

  1. Download & play all android apps and games.
  2. It has special kids feature “Kindle Free Time”, which allows you to set it up for kids.
  3. You can access your Skype for all chatting, audio and video conversations.
  4. Click photos with primary & front camera for selfies.
  5. Stay connected to your Social media world by being active on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  6. Can do your office jobs with help of MS office for creating documents; excel sheet or even presentations & PDF’s.
  7. Access YouTube, watch movies, and the list really goes on!

Most of these features are easy to access. In case you didn’t comprehend how to make use of your Kindle Fire? Or Want to know more about installing and using apps on it. You may contact the Kindle Fire customer support service.


There are different ways through which you can troubleshoot your Kindle fire. Kindle fire contains some amazing features. So, follow the steps given below.


A frozen kindle device is a common issue encountered by all users. Every smart device has a property to become hanged at some moment including the smart phones & the tablets. The precise reason can’t be stated at once because a little troubleshoots really works from time to time.

If you’re Kindle fire won’t turn on even if plugs-in. Then it is a simple indication that it’s “stuck” or “hang” or have got “Locked”. To make it work again, you need to “Unlock”. This will be a Soft Reset or a hard reset.

Soft Kindle Reset/ Hard Kindle Reset

The Soft Kindle Reset; comprises of power OFF and ON of Kindle device after some time. Here are the steps you have to follow:

(a) Pressing down the power button for say 40 seconds,

(b) Release the button

(c) Wait for few seconds and

(d) “Turn On” again.

The Hard Kindle Reset;

Refers to work with the “Factory Reset Kindle“.

(i) Go to “Quick Settings”.

(ii) Select “More” under this.

(iii) Select “Device”

(iv) Then click “Reset to Default Settings”.

The device will get reboot automatically; it will aid to clear all useless data.


Are you really not conscious of the cause for your “Kindle fire not turning ON”? If accidentally you broke your Kindle device. Then you need to share your efforts to change the dented part of your Kindle, in place of troubleshoots with its working issues.

Don’t behave cumbersome as the Kindle Fire is not easy to work with. In case, if you’re Kindle got damaged or broken directly contact Kindle customer support for professional help.

People may look to fix the Kindle issues videos on YouTube but trust us; it wouldn’t be appropriate for this serious condition. Ask the Kindle professionals to support you.


Yes, the battery can be one more cause “Kindle Fire not turning on“. There could be 3 probabilities:

First is the battery gets out of charge:

Odds are there that the Kindle Fire battery is out of charge. Plug in the power cord let it charge for at least 30 minutes. Just leave it for 30 minutes.

Broken charging cord:

 If you notice that your battery is not charging, please check your power cord. If it gets damage or not seated well or not working correctly. The Kindle fire charging cords are recognizing for their poor quality. In this case, use another power cable with USB. You can use the power cable of your Android phone/tablet. These are pretty well-matched with Kindle.

In any wired case, if nobody works with previous two inspections than gloomily your battery may get damage. This is the third one. Just replace the spoil one with the new one.


The Kindle fire series is well-known for its ever-improving features &carrying an outstanding multidimensional experience. It is fact that Kindle Fire HD is a wonderful piece of technology but even this got some problems. Some common problems that a kindle fire user may face are:

(a) The startup issue: many people grievances that their kindle fire won’t turn on even when plugged in.

(b) Struggling while connecting Kindle HD to your PC for transferring any data or files.

(c) A perplexing “an internal error has occurred” message while accessing any App.

(d) The world famous “Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi” problem.

Not working of Kindle Fire keyboard, sometimes you fail to type properly as the keyboard doesn’t track your commands.

(i) Media player runs but no sound in speakers or earphones.

(ii) Browser doesn’t respond.

(iii) Jammed mailbox.

There might be few other problems, which people can face with their Kindle Fire. To get things settle back; contact kindle support technicians is the best idea.


However, do not ill-consider the issues, if fortunately, you ignore the situation by implementing these troubleshooting tips. The proposal is; in case you frequently face frozen kindle or your kindle fire won’t turn on. It’s better to get it diagnose or call @Kindle support.

For any help on using the Kindle fire or even if look for any technical assistance? Kindle support Number is the best suitable option. Call the Kindle support team to get connects with one of the experts. And assist you to encounter all Kindle fire problems.

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