Troubleshoot MSN Email Issues – Recover MSN Email Password

Troubleshoot MSN Email Issues

How to recover Your MSN Email Password?

If you don’t know how to recover your password for MSN email account. Don’t worry. Livetechys will provide you the steps for recovering your MSN email password. There are some instructions that you have to follow so that your issue can be resolved.

Open your browser and type in the address bar will give you the direct link to reset password of your MSN email account.

When you press enter and go to this page. You will see ‘Why can’t you sign in?’ in big and bold letters. And there are three options with the radio buttons.

(i) I forgot my password’,
(ii) I know my password, but can’t sign in
(iii) I think someone else is using my Microsoft account.

You can choose any option, by clicking on the radio button depend upon your option which option you choose.

1. If you select the first option ‘I forgot my password’. Then you have to enter your Email id, phone number or Skype username. Then type the captcha correct, and click “Next” to recover your password and complete the process.

2. If you select the second option ‘I know my password, but can’t sign in’. Then read the given tip carefully and make sure that you tried. Then you have to provide your email, phone number or Skype username details. Fill a captcha. Fill it right. Click ‘Next’ and follow the instructions ahead.

3. By selecting the third option ‘I think someone else is using my Microsoft account’, you have to select a reason from the drop-down. This is optional although. Again, fill the details of your email id, phone number or Skype username. Type the right captcha; If you are unable to get it click ‘New’. You can also hear the captcha by clicking on the ‘Audio’ button. After filling the right captcha, you can continue the process to recover your MSN email password.

For the security of your MSN email account, you have to change your password frequently. If you have the same password, change it. To stop the unauthorized access, you have to change your password in every one month.

And if you are facing issues in remembering the password, keep password manager so that you can store the password in it and you can remember one password only.

If you are still facing issues in recovering your MSN password, Contact MSN Support phone number or take the help of the technicians. So that technicians can resolve your issues within a quick time. 24*7 MSN support available.

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