HP Printer Spooling

Everything you want to Know About HP Printer Spoolin

Everything you Want to Know About Printer Spooling

Printers have a limited amount of memory, often times much smaller than the size of a document that you are wanting to print. Printer spooling allows you to send large documents, or multiple documents, to a printer and not have to wait for it to finish printing before continuing on to your next task.

What is Printer Spooling?

Printers have a smaller amount of memory. Sometimes, it is smaller then the size of the document that you want to print. With Printer spooling, you allow to send multiple documents, large documents, to a printer. And you don’ t have to wait for finish printing, for doing the other task. You can directly move to the other tasks.

How the printer spooling works?

Printer spooling comes when your computer is attached to the printer and it is connected with the network server or internet. The fuction of printer spooler is to send the large documents, more then one document, to the printer at a time. And you don’t have to wait for it to finish, before going to the other task. The print jobs is send one by one to the printer by the printer spooler. In that time period, you can do other tasks in your computer, because all the operations are handled by the Printer spooler.

What are the advantages of Printer Spooler?

Printer spooling have a lots of advantages. Instead of sending printing documents, printer spooling have other benefits. Like if you send large document to print by mistake, you can pause, cancel or assign the new task by using printer spooler. You can cancel this print job by using the interface of the printer spooler. You don’t have to reboot the printer or don’t have to waste the lot of paper.

How can you Install Printer Spooling?

Printer spooling software is pre-installed in your Computer with most of the Operating systems. Sometimes you have to install directly in your PC. In the office, often a printer server is used for the printing system.

What is a Printer Spooling Error?

We already know that what is printer spooling. Sometimes when your printer attached to the computer with the network or internet. You can face some technical issues during the printing. When you see the printer errors like “printer spooler error” “Adding the printer connection failed” “The local printer spooler service is not running.” etc.

What are the Common Problems you Face in the Printer Spooler?

Various issues involving the spooler can occur with printers. Usually if there is an issue with one document that has been sent to the printer and the spooler add it to the printer queue. It causes all print jobs behind it in the queue to stop. These can include:

* Print jobs getting stuck in the queue
* The corrupt data files of the printer spooler and not able to translate it to the printer.
* Spooler service failure – Spooling service getting failed during the transfer of information.

If you are finding any one issue in your printer given above. It means that your printer will stop and not able to print any more.

For the solution related to Printer spooling, check the steps and just follow the instructions given. And still finding issues, contact hp printer support phone number.

How to fix a Printer Spooler Error?

If you are not able to fix printer spooling error or printer spooler error then don’t worry. Check out the steps given below to fix the error.

1. Close any program like word, notepad or any kind of tool that you are using to print.

2. Go to the windows button (Start). Type ’Administrative Tools’. Then click on ‘Services’

3. Then the list appears in front of the screen. Scroll down the list and search for “Printer Spooler”.

4. Click on “stop” to the left side is given.

5. Go to ‘My Computer’ and double-click ‘Local Disk (C:).’ Then open the ‘Windows’ folder.

‘System32’ folder> ‘spool’>’Printers’

6. Don’t delete the folder. Just delete the print jobs in this folder

7. Go back to ‘Services,’ again find ‘Print Spooler’ and right click. After right click, go to “start”.

8. Now open the document and try to print it again.

These steps you have to follow to resolve the HP Printer spooling error. If you are still finding the printer spooling error issue in your HP printer, contact HP Printer Support Assistant number given above. The technicians will provide you the solution related to your HP Printer issue. They are available for 24*7. You can call them anytime.