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My Kindle won’t Turn on - How to Fix it!

My Kindle won’t Turn on – How to Fix it!

I think everyone uses kindle for reading, and who use the device will face an issue and that is Kindle won’t turn on. In some cases, it’s very easy to resolve. But often, it really takes hard work to figure out what’s wrong with your Kindle and how to resolve this problem. Just three days ago, when I bought some eBooks from Kindle store and want to read them on my Kindle paper-white, I pressed the power button, and find that it just won’t turn on. After a bit of inspection, I found some solutions for this common problem. Luckily, on numerous occasions, it fixes quite easily. Here are some tricks to try, including bonus solution when these tricks don’t work.

Most of the time, if your Kindle won’t turn on, this doesn’t mean that it’s “broken” or has an issue. Many electronic devices like smartphones or tablets, have a property of “stuck”.When the device gets stuck, the power is on but it won’t work correctly. Because your device is getting lock and You have to unlock your device.

Reset Kindle and Kindle Fire:

To unlock the Kindle device, the coolest and quickest solution is to reset your Kindle device. For this, firstly, press and hold down the power button for 20 seconds or longer. Then turn on the device back by hit the power button again. If this doesn’t work for first time, try to hold down the button for 30 seconds or longer. Very often, this will be all you have to do so that your Kindle fire would work again.

Factory Reset the Device

Factory Reset Kindle:

If the soft resetting is not working, and the device is continuously showing lock up, just reboot the device to factory settings to clean any data or apps. To do that, tap the “Quick Settings” icon and then press “More” > “Device” > “Reset to Factory Defaults”.

Please keep in mind that this will delete all the information on your device, although you can download the purchased books or apps later from Amazon Cloud.

Getting Charging or battery issues –Charge your Device again and Replace the battery:

Another common cause for Kindle is not turning on is the battery getting dry out, the device will not turn on unless you charge it again. Plug the Kindle device into your computer and wait about 30 minutes before trying to turn it on again. If the device declines to start up, try resetting it again.

If it still won’t turn on, it can be possible that you have a broken charging cable. The cables that come with the Kindle fire are known for their quality. Take another cord to charge the device, that has a Micro USB connection and see if the device retorts. Normally, the charging cable of android phones and tablets will charge the Kindle device. So, you can use the cable of your phones and tablets.

Check out the Kindle USB cable:

And another prospect is that the battery is wrecked, then you need to replace it with a new one. Here is a option for you to replace the battery by yourself – but if you find it hard to handle then you need to seek for Kindle support.

Replace Kindle Battery

Have Broken device – Fix the shattered part by yourself

If neither resetting the device nor charging it fixes the issue, the device’s hardware may get damaged, and you will need to repair or replace it. The Kindle Fire is not easy to open& fix, so except you have repair experience, contact Amazon to arrange for repair. But if you want to repair it by yourself, you can check out some video tutorials on YouTube. Or other option is to take the help of technician on the phone by calling at Kindle support number. They will tell you the step by step instruction to repair Kindle.

Contact Kindle Support:

After all these efforts to fix it by yourself, if your Kindle device still won’t turn on and you think it is too difficult to fix the broken part by yourself. Then visit Kindle help page for more information or contact Kindle customer support number for assistance.

If your Kindle has out of Warranty, or you think it is more convenient for you, then try to contact the Kindle technicians to repair your device.

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