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Define HP Printer Assistant?

HP Printer Assistant is a software that is used for tasks and activities related to the printer. It is a kind of printer management software, that comes in the form of HP printer driver. In most of the cases HP printer assistant is installed automatically in your computer with HP printer drivers. HP printer assistant contains some amazing features so that your print job becomes easier for you. HP printer assistant is beneficial in many ways. It provides you some amazing benefits.

  1. It improves the performance of your HP printer.
  2. It improves the efficiency of your HP printer.
  3. You can check the level of ink in your printer.
  4. You can check the printer page usage.
  5. HP printer assistant also store the scan document or image.

The most important feature of HP printer assistant is that, it takes the control on your all printing activities and create a record for you. HP printer assistant makes your printing job easier.

So, without HP printer assistant, you cannot print your documents, and you cannot run the printer. You need to install this software for running the printer.

In other words, you can say that, HP printer assistant software is the printer maintenance tool that have some inbuilt features and makes your printing job easy. It improves the performance and the efficiency of your computer. It helps in tuning your HP printer performance, troubleshooting HP printer issues, and updating HP printer drivers.

So, if you are not installed HP Printer assistant in your computer, install it now by check out the steps in “how to download HP printer assistant windows 10?

Steps to Download HP printer assistant for windows 10:

In any case, if hp printer assistant is not installed automatically, you can install it manually. Check out the steps given below for downloading and installing the HP Printer assistant. These steps are same and not changing in case of your Operating system is different.

  1. Download and install the full feature software for your printer from the HP website.
    2. Turn off your printer. If your printer is connected with a USB cable to your laptop or computer, just disconnect it. If needed, then it prompts during the software installation.
    3. Go to HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads(
    4. Let’s identify your product to get started page displays, click Printer, type your printer model number, click Submit.
    5. The OS system set is default in the result page.
    6. If you want to change the operating system, click Change, select your version, and then go to Change.
    7. Under the Driver heading, click Download.
    8. Turn on the Printer.

During the installation, choose Typical or Recommended type of installation when prompted by the software installer.

If you are still not able to install HP printer assistant in your Windows 10 or windows 8. You can take the help of HP printer assistant support technicians. They will provide you instant solution and help you in installing your HP printer assistant in your computer.

HP printer Assistant does not open or shows multiple printers after upgrading Windows

When you upgrade Windows to a newer version, such as Windows 10, HP Printer Assistant shows the “connect a new printer tool” instead of the “printer settings and tools”. In some cases, HP Printer Assistant shows the Select a Printer window with multiple names or not open when the printer is connected through USB.

Read the following steps to resolve issues:

But whenever you upgrade your windows, don’t try to print and scan. After upgrading windows, first restart your computer and then do the other tasks. The message displays Connect a new printer displays instead of HP Printer Assistant.

Upgrading your computer from Windows 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 with a wireless network connected printer, HP Printer Assistant software displays the Connect a new printer tool instead of the printer settings and tools view.

To resolve the issue, set up the printer connection again. In some cases, you have to reinstall the HP printer drivers again.

  1. Reconnect the printer
  2. Try to connect the printer again to gain access to Printer Assistant tools.
  3. Click to Connect a new printer.
  4. When prompted, select the type of connection, and then follow the on-screen instructions for printer setup.
  5. Press power button to on the printer or turn it off.
  6. Close all running programs on your PC, and restart your PC.
  7. Turn on the printer.
  8. Open HP Printer Assistant.
  9. If you can open HP Printer Assistant, the problem is resolved.

If you are not able to open HP Printer Assistant or the red cross sign (X) displays and the connection fails, then continue to the next step.

The next step is to uninstall the HP printer software.

  1. Uninstall the HP print drivers and software before you reinstall the latest version of HP Printer drivers.
  2. If required, disconnect the USB cable from the HP printer.
  3. Go to Windows button, search and open the Control Panel.
  4. Go to “Programs and Features”.
  5. Check out list of installed programs, click the HP printer name, and then click Uninstall. If any window prompts “do you want to uninstall the program?” click “yes”.

6.To remove the program, follow the on-screen instructions given and then restart the computer.

The third step is to Reinstall the HP printer assistant. For this, you can check out the steps given “how to install HP printer assistant for windows 10”? You have to follow the same instructions given. The last step for resolving this issue is restart your computer. Turn on the printer. Go to HP printer assistant. If HP printer assistant open your issue is resolved.

NOTE: If required, repeat these steps again, if additional printer names display in your HP Printer Assistant.

If your HP Printer assistant is not opening with the USB connected printer.

After upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10 with a USB-connected printer, Sometimes, HP Printer Assistant does not show or the “Printer Setup & Software” screen displays when you click on the shortcut. To resolve the issue, reconnect the printer or reinstall the software. Repeat the steps again to resolve the above issue.

Download HP Printer Assistant Mac:

For Mac, HP printer assistant is not available. HP Printer assistant is only available for windows computer. If you want to run HP printer assistant in your Mac, there is a printer management software that is used specially for Mac, contains the same features as HP printer assistant contains. The software that we use for Mac Operating system is HP printer utility. HP Utility software you can only use in Mac OS. It is not available for windows.

HP Printer Utility Software:

HP Printer utility software is also automatically installed with Mac print drivers’package. With this you can check all the printing activities such as current printer status, view remaining ink levels, check network settings, and more.

When you install full featured print drivers’ package, HP printer utility is also getting installed. If you want to check HP utility software in your Mac, you can check it by the different methods.

Check the HP Printer Utility software is installed in your Mac or Not:

There are some instructions you have to follow: –

The first step is to check that the HP printer utility is installed in your Mac or Not. For this

  1. Go to finder, and open top menu bar and go to “applications”.
  2. Then double click on HP folder, go to HP printer utility. The option HP printer utility is listed in “Applications”.
  3. If HP Utility shows a setup and activation screen, click Continue to complete the setup.
  4. If HP Utility is not in the Application list, continue to the next step to install this software.

The second step is to install the driver and add a printer to the Mac:

1. Download and install the full feature HP printer utility software for your printer from the HP website.

  1. Turn off your printer. If your printer is connected with a USB cable to your laptop or computer, just disconnect it. If needed, then it prompts during the software installation.
    3. Go to HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads(
    4. Let’s identify your product to get started page displays, click Printer, type your printer model number, click Submit.
    5. The OS system set is default in the result page.
    6. If you want to change the operating system, click Change, select your version, and then go to Change.
    7. Under the Driver heading, click Download.
    8. After downloading, open the download folder, and install the HP printer easy setup .dmg file. Click to install.
    9. Follow the onscreen setup instructions and install the software. If you are prompted to “add the printer” to the printer queue, go to the name of your printer, click the Print Using menu, select the name of the printer in the pop-up menu, and then click Add.
    10. Select the name of the printer in “Use” menu on the Add screen Return to the HP installer to complete the installation.
    11. Then turn on the printer.

The Printer management tools and the features of HP printer utility:

The options you find in the HP printer utility tools provide you access the information about your HP printer. You can check settings, HP support, supplies, recycling, and product improvement, registration.

List of HP Utility tool bar:-

Devices: Shows a list of available printers and the printer status.

1. All Settings: Require information about your selected printer, you will find it under all settings tab.

2. Supplies Status: provides the information about current ink cartridge supply and HP Instant Ink. You can also enable the HP Ink Cartridge Protection feature so your ink cartridges cannot be used in another printer.

3. Supply Info: Get info about your ink cartridge model numbers and replacement options.

4. Device Information: Displays all information about your Printer or device. You can also print a Network Configuration Page from this option.

5. Align: With this feature, print an alignment page and find a good quality printing page. whenever you replace ink cartridge, use printer alignment feature.

6. Clean Back of Page Smear: Which parts causing the smear, run this automated tool to clean the parts of the printer.

7. Clean Printheads: This automated tool is used to clean the printheads.

8. Paper Feed Cleaning: Run this tool, and Improve paper feed issues.

9. Print Quality Diagnostics: To check for any print issues, print a print quality diagnostic page.

10. Message Center: Enable messages such as errors, warnings or supplies status from your printer.

11. Test: Check connection issues, alignment, or print quality by printing a test page.

12. Auto-off: If you want your printer to shut off. Set the time here.

13. Network Settings: Change or configure your network settings.

14. Wireless Setup: Want to change your connection, you can choose wireless instead of USB cable, if your printer is wireless, then you can use this option.

15. Scan to Computer: Enables the feature “scan to computer”. So you can scan from the front panel of your printer. It automatically send the output to your computer.

16. HP Support: Access online troubleshooting and support information. Make sure your printer is listed, and then click Continue to be sent to your printer’s HP Support web page.

17. Supplies: Shop for HP printer supplies online. Follow the prompts to the Sure Supply website.

18. Registration: This option helps you to register your page online. It provides help to troubleshoot hp printer issues.

19. Recycling: Learn easy ways to recycle your HP products.

Product Improvement: Participate in Anonymous Research program. Any kind of personal information is not collected.

HP Printer Assistant available for printers manufactured before 2010:

No. For the printers that are manufactured before 2010, you can use HP solution center. It has the similar features as the HP Printer assistant have.

HP Printer Assistant Available for Mac:


HP Solution Center:

HP solution Center is a software program, that is used for the HP printer and its tasks related to printing, scanning, etc. Basically, this software is used for those printers, who are manufactured before 2010. HP solution center have many features like you can check your printing documents, ordering supplies, ink levels, scanning images, and much more. Those printers manufactured after 2010, in these HP solution centers is replaced by HP Printer Assistant. So, if you are using HP printer manufactured before 2011, you are at the right place to get the solutions of all your issues related to the HP solution center. If your printer is manufactured after 2011, you can check HP Printer Assistant page. Where you get all the solutions related to the HP Printer assistant problems.

HP Solution Center Installed on my Computer:

If you want to check that HP solution center is installed in your computer or not. First check out the icons on the desktop. The HP solution center icon is generally of a blue color or black color. Then go to that icon of solution center and click on it depending upon your version. If you did not find the icon, search windows for your model name of the printer, then click on it to find the solution center. If you are not finding the HP solution center, download and install this window full feature software package for your computer from HP printer official website or from a CD. If it opens HP printer assistant, then your printer is manufactured after 2010.

One thing you have to note that, HP solution center is not available for Mac. The software we use for the printer tasks in Mac is HP printer utility.

Download HP Solution Center:

HP solution center not have the any link for download, because it’s a part of your Printer’s full feature software solution. So, you can install this directly from HP’s official website.

To download HP solution center, you have to follow the given instructions.

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. If your printer is connected to the computer with a USB cable, disconnect it. During the software installation if there is a need to connect the cable, it prompts.
  3. Go to HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads.
  4. Let’s identify your product to get started page displays, click Printer, type your printer model number, and then click Submit.
  5. The results page displays with the default operating system selected for your printer.
  6. If you want to change the operating system, go to Change, choose your version, and then click Change.
  7. Under the Driver heading, click Download.
  8. During the installation, select the Typical or Recommended type of installation when prompted by the software installer.

What if I can’t find or use HP Solution Center after upgrading Windows?

If you are upgrading your windows 8 or windows 10, and you are finding HP solution center is missing or HP solution center error means, you are finding a black window or partial window, or the links fail within the HP solution center. You can use the following instructions to resolve your HP printer issues.

First step you have to do to resolve your issue is that you have to uninstall HP solution center from your computer, and then install it again from the HP site. You have to remove all the printing software and HP printer drivers, if you are installing latest drivers in your PC.

Steps for Uninstall the HP solution center:

Disconnect the USB cable from the printer, if required.

  1. Go to “Control panel”.
  2. Click on the “Program and feature” option.
  3. Check HP solution center in the list of installed programs, click on it then click on Uninstall and click ok.
  4. Follow the instruction and remove the program.

It will remove your HP Printer solution center from your computer.

Then the second step is to download the HP printer solution center. Check out the steps and follow the given instructions. After completing the instructions, click on the HP solution center icon.

When you install HP solution center after upgrade windows 8 to windows 10, you will find the messages given below.

‘HP Solution Center cannot run’ or ‘Scan is busy or in use’ error with a network connected printer.

HP Solution Center cannot run because your device installation is not complete.

In some cases, HP Solution Center opens without the error, but when you click Scan Picture or Scan Document, a Scan is busy or in use message displays.

To resolve the issue,

  1. Use HP Print and Scan Doctor to check for possible issues.
  2. Change “network settings”, or install the driver again.

When you try to open the HP solution center, and try to scan the image, you will get a message, that your scan is busy or “in use” on other. For this issue try scan doctor to diagnose the printer hardware and software connection issues. You can find scan doctor to online HP official website. If you don’t know how to run the scan doctor, you can take the help of the HP Printer support technicians. If still the issue persists, restart the printer and computer again. And if still facing the issue, scan the scanning app. Windows Scan app (Windows 10 only): For most HP all-in-one printers this app is pre-installed to scan. Search Windows for Scan and click the Scan app in the list of results.

Windows Fax and Scan (Windows XP and later): With this tool you can scan documents and images.

Search Windows for fax, click Windows Fax and Scan in the list of results, then click New Scan.

Is HP Solution Center available for Mac?

No, HP Solution Center is not available for mac OS and Mac OS X.

Is HP Solution Center available for printers manufactured after 2010?

HP Printer Assistant replaced the HP Solution Center for printers in 2011 and later. HP Printer Assistant installs with the full feature print driver and provides same features to HP Solution Center.

How to connect a HP wireless printer to a wireless network using a USB cable?

  1. First turn on your printer.
  2. Load the printer software on your computer by using the CD that comes with your printer. In case you have not any CD.
  3. Download the software from care.
  4. Install the software and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Select your connection from the prompted window. Choose through the network, network or wireless depending on the version of your software you are installing.
  6. If you are getting pop-ups in windows, accept the pop-ups and press continue.
  7. Pop-up messages can appear from your firewall or security software.
  8. When the software prompts, connect the USB cable that come with your printer to both PC and printer.
  9. If your printer does not automatically connect to the wireless network, select your wireless network option from the list,after choosing the connection, disconnect the USB cable.
  10. Complete the installation by follow the instructions. When the installation is complete click finish.

You have now completed the HP printer wireless network setup.

How do I contact HP Printer Support Number?

If you want to contact HP printer support number, then dial HP printer technical support number +1 (650) 857-1501. HP Printer support has many toll-free numbers. You can contact them by many ways. One of the third-party HP printer support number is +1-800-214-4506 (toll-free) and get in touch with the customer care team. They are available at these numbers 24*7. If you can contact them anytime for your HP printer issues.

What is a HP Printer Product Number?

If you don’t know how to find the HP printer product number. It is a small one-word name, that give you the exact model of that printer.e.g. CN123A etc. Similarly, HP printer serial number is a unique number that represents a printer.

How to Find HP Printer product number in Mac?

Follow the steps given below. If you want to find HP printer product number in Mac.

In mac open finder go to top menu bar.

Click on applications. Then go to HP folder and double click on it again, double click on HP Utility.

Select your printer model from list of devices.

Double click on device information.

HP utility device opens up window to display model number, serial number of your printer.

Troubleshoot HP Printer Errors: – HP Printer Assistant

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