HP Printer Offline

HP Printer Offline

How to Fix HP Printer Offline to Online | HP Printer Offline Windows 10  

One of the most commonly taking place problems is the HP printer offline error which happens without any obvious reason. This error shows that PC is not able to communicate with HP Printer. So, in this, we will try to understand the concept HP Printer offline issue and its solutions.

Why You Need Printer Support?

It is quite clear that Hp Printer offline issue becomes a major problem when you are in the middle of the work. In the next section, we will discuss the problems leading to the “why is my HP printer offline” status and the ways to correct them. Go ahead for more info.

Check Your Connections When your HP Printer Gets Offline:

Numerous times HP printer gets offline status. When the printer is not appropriately connected to your computer. Or it can be a network issue. Check your connections before you go for the printing process in your HP Printer.

Why is HP Printer offline?

There are quite a lot of reasons “why is an HP printer gets offline” even after it displays that the printer is getting the print command. One of the major reasons for the printer shows offline is the problem with its Wi-fi connectivity. Another reason for the hp printer offline windows 10 is that its IP address is not configured correctly. Hence an error message pops up “Printer is offline.” To make sure that the IP address is configured properly follow the given steps-

1. Firstly, Open the HP configuration screen.

2. Secondly, Go to settings. Click on the “networking tab” in settings.

3. From the drop-down menu, select the IP address option.

4. Click on the manual setting option and enter the accurate IP address correctly.

These steps will let the user eliminate the issue that stands up due to an incorrect IP address.

What Are the Reasons My HP Wireless Printer Shows Offline?

All HP requires a safe connection. The absence of connectivity indicates the HP wireless printer goes offline.  You can use a printer in offline mode. A user must make sure this option is not selected on its printer as it will not allow the user to use the printer with a remote connection.

The navigation for repairing this setting is as follow-

1. Select the Start menu- click on settings

2. Click on devices-printer and scanners

3. From the listed queue uncheck the box given in front of “Use Printer Offline.”

This would bring back your hp printer in online mode.

How Can I change HP Printer Offline to Online?

Free Problem Diagnostics:

As a user, you have to make sure that, your printer, laptop, or PC whatever you use, or from the device you want to print all have the same wi-fi network. This will permit you to carry out your printing activities in a unified manner. The built-in menu is a main feature in the HP printer. It allows the user to recognize which network are you using on the printer. In other words, both the printer and the device need to be coordinated on the same network to perform the tasks efficiently and effortlessly. This will help to change the HP printer offline to online.

Ways You Can Change Status of your Printer Offline to Online

An HP printer can be used remotely in your office or home for printing. All documents sent to the printer. The printer reads the documents and prints it fruitfully. It will always provide you options such as documents that are sent successfully to the printer- and now printing- Please specify the number of copies you require to print in the dialogue box before giving the print option.

Meanwhile, the HP printer is configured in the system. You can restart the system so that settings of the HP printer can be kept to your system. This will make sure the flat operation of the printer on your system. Paper jams, low ink levels, voltage fluctuations, lack of compatibility are other reasons that a printer shows offline.

Another way a user can print the documents is by email address. Create an HP e-print email address for your printer when you purchase the printer. This feature in HP printers allows a user to print through an email.

How to Fix HP Printer Offline Windows 10? – Check Step by Step instructions

Let us see how we can fix the “HP printer shows the offline status in Windows 10”. For setting up the hp printer from offline to online status –

1. Click on the search bar and go to the control panel.

2. Select printer and devices- it will show you that your printer is offline.

3. Select the printer right-clicking on it.

4. Click on printer properties and uncheck the SNNP status in the dialogue box and click on ok.

These steps will help the user to fix the hp printer from offline to online in Windows 10. Now it’s ready for printing.

 Get Immediate Solutions for HP Printer is offline windows 10

Solution 1: To fix HP Printer Offline, Cancel the Previous Stuck Commands and Restart the System.

In many cases when the HP printer says “Offline”, the fault gets cured by canceling all the former print command traffic and by starting the printer.

Solution 2: If your HP printer shows offline status. Then Remove and Reinstall the Printing Machine.

If the above-given step does not work for the hp printer offline issue. Then try to remove your system drivers and reinstall it. To remove the system, open “Drivers and Devices” from the start option. Right-click on your printer model and select “Remove’. In order to reinstall the same, connect the printer to your computer with the USB cable and turn it on.

1. Turn on the printing system and open the computer settings.

2. From the screen select “Change PC Settings” and open “PC and devices” and thereafter select “Devices”.

3. Click on “Add a device” and select your printer option to end the reinstalling process.

Solution 3:  Check and Deactivate the Automated Offline Commands if HP Printer gets Offline.

Sometimes the hp printer shows offline and pauses printing commands activates automatically run the printing function. In the given steps, we have mentioned the way to turn off such automated commands. Check out the instructions.

1. From the window button, look for “Devices and Printers” and select it.

2. From the next page select the icon of your installed printer.

3. Right-click on the icon and click “See what’s printing”.

4. On the upper left corner of the next page click on the “Printer” menu, and click to remove any checkmarks next to “Pause printing” or “Use Hp printer offline” options.

Following things should keep in mind while you change the status of your printer from offline to online:

(a) Wi-fi should connect to both HP printer and PC.

(b) The accurate IP addresses must configure correctly.

(c) The Hp printer drivers must install accurately; all settings must be cross-checked before providing any print jobs.

(d) Resolve Hp printer offline issues – this option must be unchecked at all times.

(e) Paper jams, ink levels, and printer compatibility must be kept under check at all times.

(f) HP Printer should always be available in an accurate network range.


In order to evade the HP printer gets offline, the user needs to make sure that all printer drivers accurately install and getting updates. Updating system settings from time to time and printer drivers eliminate the possible issues that occur when we use the printer.

When a user faces HP printer offline issue, there are numerous ways in which it can be repaired. One of the main ways to resolve the issue is to select the Wi-Fi printing option in the printer by pressing the Wi-fi button. Go to Network settings in the system. It will give you a list of printers available in the range. As a user, you need to select your printer from the list of printers. After this step, your print tasks finished. As it will show the HP printer is online and it’s now ready to print all your documents.