HP Printer Error


HP Printer Error – Faulty Printhead Error in HP Printer

What is a Printhead in Printer?

When you print with a cartridge that is run in a dry. It gives you result in both poor quality of image and can accidentally damage the printhead found in all inkhead printer models. The ink cartridge and tanks hold the ink, it is the electronic printhead which is accountable for firing the ink drops onto the page. The printhead is known as the heart of the printing process. For the very popular printer models the carriage which hold both the ink cartridge and printhead quickly wiggle above the paper surface during printing.

How the Printer’s Printhead works?

Working of Printer head: –

Each ink drops gets power from super-heated vapor explosion at the base of the printhead. Each occurring at one to two million of a second.The ink drop is rapidly expelling out of each chamber nozzle at a firing velocity above the 20 m/s.Depending upon the printer model uses between 4000 and 15000 ink nozzles.To fire ink drops down to the paper surface, shoot in up to half a million ink drops per second during a typical printing job. But speed is not everything. As every single ink drop must be shot precisely the right moment to form text and images on the pages.

Printer Control Board: –

As the printhead scans about 400 of an inch above the paper surface. The printer control board states the ink shooting sequence.So that millions of individual droplets always hits their bull’s eye. The Drop accuracy is critical.

Accuracy of the Printhead: –

As the paper transfers through the printer.Each ink drops fires with the amazing precision of the 19600 of an inch placement accuracy. Using complex print masking algorithms, which blends multiple colors on the page, pleasing image quality is quickly form.

Note: Don’t remove the ink tanks from the printhead so long. If you do that, you will see poor quality of printing and get white lines in your document.

Install a new cartridge immediately after removing a used one. Caution: Uninstalled cartridges can dry out the printhead and may prevent the product from printing. White lines may be visible in the printed text or graphics. Printing alone may not remove clogs from the nozzles. Sometimes a printhead clean or head cleaning may need to initiates from the printer control menu or printer software. To help identify which color is out, printer internal test print quality report or choose one of the test prints from the website that refers to test prints.

Test prints designs to fire all the nozzles by color.It determines that if a particular color is in use or not. You may continue to print until print quality begins to fade. Identify the respective color by softest. To maintain printhead health, it is a suggestion to you to print on a regular basis using all colors. Perhaps once or twice a week. This will become more important as the printer becomes old.

What does fail or missing Printhead mean on HP Printer?

When you try to install the printer’s printhead.Often you see the message displays like “missing printhead” in your Printer control panel or “it does not print”. The inappropriate latched seated printhead can lead to this error.

How we can fix the Printhead Error in the computer?

First step is when your printer is turns on.Disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer. Second step is Lift the carriage latch and slightly lift the printhead.

Third step is lower the printhead back into the carriage, move the printhead up and down or side by side, left and right.

The last step is lower the carriage latch to lock the printhead into place. Close the cartridge access door.

If you are still facing the printhead problem in your printer. Contact hp printer support phone number and get technicians support.

How to fix HP 8610 Printhead?

To resolve HP 8610 Printhead issue, you have to follow the given instructions.

1. When your printer is turns on. 

2. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer. 

3. Lift the carriage latch and slightly lift the printhead.

4. Lower the printhead back into the carriage, move the printhead up and down or side by side, left and right.

5. Lower the carriage latch to lock the printhead into place. Close the cartridge access door.

Same steps applied for the various printers Printhead issues.

HP Officejet Pro 8610 Printhead Issue

HP Officejet Pro 8620 Printhead Issue

HP Officejet Pro 6830 problem with Printhead

If you are unable to resolve the printerhead issue in your HP 8610 Printer. Don’t worry. 24*7 support available for your help to find the solution of the problem. Get instant solution from the experts for your Hp printer printhead issue.


HP Printer Error- How To fix HP Printer Offline Error?

Why is my  “Printer is Offline”?

Sometimes when we use our printer, it displays messages like “printer is offline” “printer connection failed” etc. It happens most at the inappropriate times. It means that your printer is not connected with the internet accurately. If your printer is showing these kind of messages, then it means that its becoming tough for the printer to communicate with the computer. Various reasons are there for your Printer is  getting offline. First go to the settings click on printer icon and click on the “printer is online”. Try to connect the printer with the network for your “printer is getting back from offline to online”.

How to fix Printer from Offline to Online?

In this blog you will learn that how to get your printer online?

There may be times when your printer is connected and its on, but for some reason when you check the printer status in the “devices and printers” window, it appears offline and  won’ t print any documents.

1. Click on “start” button and click on “device manager” option in the menu.

2. To resolve this issue, click on your printer and click on “see what’s printing” option. As a result printer status window will open up. Over here, go to the printer tab, and make sure that the pause printing option and “use printer offline” option can both are checked.

3. After that close the printer status window and refresh the window. Now let’s hover the cursor over the printer icon, and there you can see your printer icon is showing online, and ready to print. Now just go ahead and print your documents.

If these steps is not working, contact hp printer offline support number and get the help from the technicians. Use the same steps for the HP printer. If your HP printer is offline. Try these steps. How to get  back Printer offline from online on windows 10?  For window 10, you have to follow the same steps as given above.