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how to make MSN my homepage – find the latest news update

How to make MSN My Homepage – Find the latest news updates

The question that many people are looking for “how to make MSN my Homepage” which is now in chrome, firefox, safari, or IE browser. So, you are in the right place. Here are some fundamentals from which you can restore MSN Homepage again.

By the use of Internet Explorer, Make MSN as a Homepage with ease:

It is well to make sure that you will able to make MSN Homepage without any trouble. However, it could be possible that you can face a wide variety of technical or non-technical snags and anomalies.

How to Restore MSN as a Homepage?

  1. First off, all go to Internet Explorer straight on your personal computer, where you want to make use. Then open the MSN Web site in order to login to your account.
  2. Once you are done, click the “Tools” menu. Where you have to choose “Internet Options” which would be located in the drop-down menu.
  3. Later finishing it successfully, search the “General” tab, and find the “Homepage” section. Here, you will have to highlight the recent homepage by just dragging the mouse or clicking on it. So that the current MSN Homepage will be highlighted.
  4. Furthermore, you have to press the “Delete” key search on your keyboard to remove the current homepage in ease. Besides, you need to use your keyboard for entering “”
  5. Now, you will have to click the “OK” button for the purpose of saving your new homepage. Once you are done completely you will have to click the “Home” icon which would be on Internet Explorer.

By ensuring the given steps, you will be able to Make MSN as My Homepage in a problem-free manner. Apart from that, if you across any issues during the use of steps given over here. it would be sensible to get in touch with toll-free MSN Support number. Which will connect you to the experts? They will direct you to the right guidance so that you can Make MSN as My Homepage.

How can you Restore missing MSN Homepage?

You can use the Steps given below to Restore missing MSN Homepage:

MSN Toolbar provides you the extra features in your current browser. You can search straight from the web using this toolbar, stay tuned to the latest news and updates, and also you can check your emails without logging in to it over and over again. The users can get various advantages from it. You can get this toolbar in any of the browsers.

But if you have removed it by mistake from your web browser. Then you can get it back by download or reinstall it with these instructions (If you don’t need to follow these steps then directly contact support for MSN billing or MSN toolbar):

  1. Visit Microsoft and click on Download the Free MSN Toolbar Now URL
  2. Hit Save to agree to the download and move to the next step
  3. Double-click the saved setup file
  4. Hit Yes to the instructions displayed on the next screen
  5. Follow the further steps to perform installation
  6. It’s done!

If you are unable to resolve your issue in Make MSN homepage you can get help from professionals who will help you to restore your MSN Homepage again.


MSN is a top web portal and internet service provider of Microsoft used by millions of people around the world. Users can get the latest updates by getting the latest news around the world. They get the news from the trusted and reliable resource that is For any MSN email issues, you can contact the MSN support number.

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