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How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49?

HP needs no introduction to anyone. Its products are world famous and used by millions of people across the globe. And the HP Printers are one of the mostly used product of HP.  Printers are mainly used for printing, scanning or faxing the documents. Since, printer is an electronic device, you can face issues in your device. There are many reasons that your printer is not working. But in this blog, we will talk about the HP printer error codes, that occurs most of the time during working.

List Of Error Codes And How to Fix it:

Error Code 49: 

When you lose communication between your printer and computer, this error occurs. This error comes in loop, and if you want to get rid of this error, if you have to follow the instructions given below. To fix HP Printer Error Code 49 try these steps :

  1. There might be something is messed up in your printer queue due to which you receive this error. In order to get rid of it, you should clear the print queue.
  2. Perform a cold reset to restore all factory settings
  3. Install the latest printer driver .

 Error Code 303: 

This error comes in your HP Printer due to the Hard Drive or there can be a fault with the platter. If your platter is in right condition, then hard drive may be the case it got damaged, or cannot be repaired. So always check your Hard drive. To fix this problem, if you are getting error in your Hard drive, you can replace it.

Error Code 79: 

This error generally occurs in your HP printer, if your firmware is not updated. So to get rid of this error, you have to update your printer’s firmware.

HP Printer Error Code 30:

If this error occurs this means that your printer is not activated, or there is no connection between your printer and computer. This issue often comes when your printer driver is not updated. So if you want to get rid of this error go to the official site of printer and download the new version of drivers.

I hope this will help you to resolve the error codes in your HP printer. If you are getting other problems in your printer, you can contact hp printer customer service experts.


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