How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Error? @ 800-214-4506

How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Error

How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Error? @ 800-214-4506

There are numerous reasons due to which the HP laptop screen goes black. The purpose is to give you the best solution to fix the black screen issue with HP laptops.

The following reasons are responsible when your HP laptop screen goes randomly black.

(i) Due to mismatched display driver software.

(ii) A failing backlight which occurs due to software issues.

(iii) Laptop overheating causing Windows to give the black screen error.

(iv) Sometimes laptops inbuilt features are the reason when the screen gets black of your HP laptop.

(v) Due to the overheating of laptops reason are the video cards and processor.

(vi) Windows 10 installation is not compatible.

(vii) Windows are outdated and drivers are not updated.

(viii) Faulty power supply causing the overheating problems.  Due to Display issues.

(Xi) Wobbly data cables of your HP laptop.

(X) Corrupted software and virus is another common reason which causes this issue.

Note- The issue of the black screen can also occur while installing windows 10 on a formatted drive.

How To Repair Your HP Laptop Black Screen After Login?​

First Step: Hard Reset Or Restart Of HP laptop (3 minutes)

In case if your screen goes black, follow these simple instructions-

(a) The simplest way to repair the issue is to turn off the laptop by holding the start button. Then unplug the charger and remove the battery. Then press and hold down the start button for 60 seconds.

This will fix the black screen problem easily.

(b) To fix this issue with restart ensure that you are restarting the HP laptop within a timeframe of 3 minutes. Use the below steps to restart the laptop.

(c) Shut down the HP laptop which displays a black screen. Remove all power supplies, the power cable battery, and the external storage device.

(d) Shut down the laptop and wait for two minutes.

(e) Reconnect the laptop with power cable and battery.

(f) Sign in with your password to see if the black screen issue is resolved.

Restart the ‘explorer.exe’ process. To resolve HP laptop Black screen on the startup of Windows 10

If your HP laptop is showing a Black screen on startup of Windows 10, check for ‘explorer.exe’ process as this error can cause the screen to go Black. To resolve this problem check out the instructions given below: –

(i) On the keyboard press the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys at the same time to open the ‘task manager’.

(ii) Go to the ‘Detail Tab’ and locate for the option ‘explorer.exe’.

(iii) Click on the ‘explorer.exe’ option. And then click on the ‘end task’ button.

(iv) Now restart your laptop to check if your HP laptop Black screen issue is resolved. If not, continue to the next step.

(a) Go to the Task Manager again and click on the ‘File’ option and select ‘Run New Task’.

(b) Now type ‘explorer.exe’ and press ‘Enter’.

(c) Type explorer.exe and press Enter

(d) Now the process will run and your laptop screen issue will be resolved.

How to Update Laptop Graphic Drivers?

To update the Laptop graphic drivers, just follow the given instructions.

(1) From your keyboard press Windows + X simultaneously and then select ‘Device Manager’.

(2) Expand out on the ‘Display Adapters’ and right-click on the ‘Graphics Driver’ & select ‘Properties’.

(3) On the Next pop-up windows, click on the ‘Update Driver’ tab.

(4) Finally, select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option.

This will fix the graphics driver issue. If still finding issues in your HP laptop, feel free to contact our experts @ +1-800-214-4506 (toll-free).

Steps to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen At Startup With No Access To Sign In

First Step is to Recover From BIOS Settings

(a) Turn off your laptop Followed by pressing the power button. Now press the Windows key + B key from your keyboard simultaneously and press the power button for a second.

(b) Now laptop power light will turn on. Then your screen will go black after around 40 seconds.

(c) Next wait to finish the process BIOS Update on your HP laptop.

At last, restart your laptop. Your black screen error got resolved. If not take the help of experts. Contact us now.

Second Step Is Boot the Laptop in the Safe Mode

You require Windows 10 media installation for this state. Hence you require to download and burn installation media to USB or DVD.

Therefore, follow the instructions given here: –

(1) Connect media to HP laptop and turn off your laptop and boot it from installation DVD or USB. Next, it will show ‘Repair this Laptop’ option.

(2) Now shut down the laptop and troubleshoot it.

(3) Go to the Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart.

Now Press F5 to Safe Mode with Networking and press ‘Enter’ to open ‘Safe Mode’.

This process will fix your HP laptop Black screen error after startup.

The Third Step is to Disable Fast Startup:

Check out the steps given below:

(a) Go to the ‘Control Panel’ from the search bar of Windows and click on the ‘Power Options’ button.

(b) After that click on ‘Choose what power buttons do’.

(c) Then, Click on ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’ option.

(d) Now uncheck the ‘Turn on fast startup (recommended)’ option. Then click on ‘Save changes.

Lastly, restart your laptop to check if your Black screen issue is fixed or not.

Steps to fix Black screen issue in HP Laptop:

A black screen in the HP laptop delays the work performance of a laptop. It specifies that the hard drive or the motherboard of the laptop is faulted. This restricts the overall performance of the laptop. The black screen indicates the motherboard chip of the laptop is faulty. Hence saving important files becomes hard.

Check out the following instructions to correct the issue of the HP Laptop screen going black.

(1) The first step is to turn off your laptop.

(2) Eradicate the power cord, battery, and any other external peripheral devices.

(3) Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds and then release it.

(4) Plugin the battery and charger. Don’t plug in anything else.

(5) Now reboot your laptop to see if it functions again.

Perform the power drain exercise. Unplug the power source and make sure the laptop is left idle for a few minutes earlier you restart.

If you are unable to identify the error in your HP laptop. Raise a troubleshooting request for an HP laptop Black screen issue.

Check out any led indicates overheating. If the led is on, the CAPS lock button is on and the power button light is static. Connect your laptop to another monitor. Now find if the Black screen problem is finding on that monitor.

Turn off the computer. Reconnect the power chord. Press and hold the ‘Window’ key and ‘B’ key along with the ‘power’ button for 2 -3 minutes. Now when you release the power button. You might hear a series of beeps. This step enables the recovery process of the HP update to begin automatically.

Follow the on-screen instructions and follow the given steps to remove the Black screen error on the HP laptop.


HP is one of the most popular brands all around the world. Various products of HP are famous like printers, laptops, etc. But HP laptop black screen error affects the performance and reliability of the laptop. Therefore, using the troubleshooting steps mentioned here will help you fix your issue. However, if you are unable to resolve your problem then feel free to contact the hp support assistant experts.

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