How to Fix Frozen Kindle Paperwhite Issue?

How to Fix Frozen Kindle Paperwhite Issue

How to Fix Kindle Paperwhite Frozen Issue?

If you are a kindle user and using a kindle for many years. You may experience kindle paperwhite frozen won’t turn off once in your life while using Kindle. When the screen of the kindle paperwhite gets locked, your kindle paperwhite gets frozen or gets off or slow respond Kindle, etc. These indications of Kindle frozen issue is not something that you cannot handle.

Here we will discuss the possible reasons and the fixes to troubleshoot your kindle paperwhite frozen.

In addition to Kindle Paperwhite, the smartphone and tablets also experience this screen frozen issue.

How to Unfreeze My Kindle Paperwhite?

Kindle Paperwhite Frozen – KINDLE HELP

Let us study about how to cope with frozen kindle paperwhite when you face the issue:

(i) Restart your Kindle Paperwhite: A simple restart can fix your problem many times. While in the case of kindle paperwhite frozen; this simplest option could be a lifesaver.

(a) Press and hold down the start key for 40 seconds then release it.

(b) Kindle will be rebooted and ready to use again.

(ii) A corrupted E-book: If your Kindle screen gets hanged or locked when you are trying to download or try to open a new download book. There are chances that the new e-book is corrupted. Try to eradicate that particular e-book. To do this use the following instructions given below: –

(a) Go to the Home screen.

(b) Click on the “Item”.

(c) Choose the “Remove from Device” option.

In case you have a sample, you need to choose “Delete This Sample” from the pop-up appeared.

This will delete the sample or the e-book from your Kindle device.

(c) Now press and hold the POWER button for around 45 seconds to RESTART your device.

For 2nd Gen Kindle Paperwhite, press the power button for 7 to 15 seconds to restart.

(ii) Software version in use: You require to check with your installed software version. If you are continuously getting the frozen kindle paperwhite issue and not able to resolve the issue by restart. The reason may be outdated software that lead to interruptions. Before doing the troubleshoot of frozen kindle paperwhite issue, check out the software are updated or not. If it’s not upgrades it immediately.

What are the Steps to Upgrade Latest Software?

Even though software updates of the Kindle device automatically get downloaded on your device and get installed. In case you feel you are working on an outdated version you can upgrade to the latest version. You can do it manually by connecting your device to the computer via USB cable. Find out the instructions given below to upgrade your kindle software.

Before you start upgrading ensure that you know the current version of software installed. To determine the version of the software, use the following given steps:

(1) Go to the home screen.

(2) Click the “MENU” icon

(3) Click the “Settings” icon.

(4) Again click on the “Menu” button.

(5) Click on “Device info.”

(6) Start upgrading process

(7) Go to

(8) Download the updated software application.

Now transfer this newly downloaded software file to your Kindle device. Once the file is moved successfully, disconnect the Kindle device from your PC.

How to Update software on your Kindle Paperwhite?

To update the software on your Kindle paperwhite, use the steps given below.

(i) Go to the home screen of your kindle paperwhite.

(ii) Click on the “Settings” option under the “Menu” icon.

(iii) Now click on the “Update Your Kindle.” option.

Note: If this option is highlighted grayed or seems inactive that means you already have an updated version or the file transfer didn’t succeed.

(iv) Click on the “OK” button to start the process.

(v) Kindle will reboot at its own once the installation is done.

(iii) Downloading In Progress:

Whenever your download is in progress in your device, you may experience frozen kindle paperwhite problem or slow response of your Kindle screen. Don’t worry at all. Once the download gets complete, your kindle will work normally.

(iv) Temperature conditions:

The adjacent temperature conditions do affect your Kindle Paperwhite device. It is a suggestion that uses your device at a normal temperature. And avoid extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures.

The extreme temperature conditions consequences are frozen kindle paperwhite or on another tablet or Smartphone. You may face this issue anytime, anywhere.


Kindle screen accessories like guard or scratch shield may also be bad for frozen Kindle paperwhite. When your screen did not follow your commands; try to remove the screen accessory and then try to operate the kindle. If it works, then the screen shield was the reason for your Kindle paperwhite gets frozen.

(a) Keep the screen clean:

If your Kindle screen is not clean this may be the reason for your Kindle Paperwhite screen gets locked. Keep your touchscreen clean and dry. If you are not using your device, good to keep it covered. And if it is dirty clean it with any little damp lint-free fabric. Also, don’t use the touchscreen when you wear the hand gloves specials the woolen ones.

(b) Kindle Paperwhite is Overloaded:

When more than one app runs at the same time, this could slow down the processor and this results in a slow response of Kindle. Make it a habit to close the Kindle. And leave the useless running apps to avoid frozen screen state.

(c) When Your Kindle Paperwhite Gets Low Battery:

Not every single time but the low battery may be the reason for worry in the diverse functionality of your device. Frozen kindle paperwhite is one of those situations.  When you see the battery is low in your Kindle paperwhite, give it a rest and charge your Kindle for at least 30-35 minutes before using it for the next things.

Still finding issues in your Kindle paperwhite. Contact Kindle Support Number and talk to the experts.

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