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How To Fix Errors In HP Printer Assistant?

Are you facing printer issues? Has the HP printer assistant declined to participate?

If yes, then this may be due to many reasons. Frequently, in case of issues, a window pops up with the error code. However, if you haven’t got any error message and the print is still not working. Then it might be complicated to make your printer function again. We have some methods which would be helpful for you:

Examine HP Printer Cables Connection:

The first and the most common step you should do to resolve this is disconnect and reconnect the cable. First, turn off your printer. Then unplug it to avoid any risk. Then, disconnect the cables. The next steps are to plug in the printer and connect the cables again. Finally turn it on and check while the printer is printing or not.

Inspect Print Heads And Printer Cartridges:

If this step didn’t work out. Then the next step you can do to fix your printer is not printing issue. Check, whether the print heads and cartridges are correctly installed. Along with this, also check your printer’s ink. If any cartridges are empty, then replace it with a new one.

Find HP Printer Assistant Is working or Not:

Still your printer doesn’t respond, or your HP Printer assistant is not working and you don’t get any error message then that means there is a problem in this software. The best way to fix this problem is to uninstall and reinstall the software. If You did not understand the function of hp printer assistant, download  HP Printer Assistant to fix all technical and driver related issues.


Sometimes, the main offender behind not working of your printer is your windows firewall. Often, it blocks all the print commands and you are not able to find any indication of what is going on?  You can fix this issue by two ways. First is to disable the firewall while printing. The second way is to add the HP printer assistant .exe to the exception list.


Anything wrong with your printed pages format? If yes, this leads to the improper settings of the printer software. You can fix it by adjusting the margins. Ensure that they are set to at least the minimum supported margin setting of your printer. Also, look at the paper size and other formatting options accessible in the page setup.

Maintain Printer Cartridges:

Poor maintenance can be the cause of the printer is not printing issue. You can do some simple maintenance steps by referring the maintenance feature available on the HP solution center.

Check For Driver Updates:

The printer software not work if its drivers are not updated. You can install new updates from the “Software and Downloads” section. We are sure that after going through all these given steps, your HP printer and the HP Printer Assistant will start working as per your need. However, if you are still facing problems, then according to our experience, it’s time to contact HP Printer Support Assistant experts.

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