How to Delete a Book From Kindle?

Delete Book From Kindle

How to Delete a Book From Kindle?

Kindle is a device, in which you can store thousands of books that you want to read.It is a better option for e-readers,who likes to read online. You can also download, buy,and can also upload your favorite books pdf. But sometimes we have books, that we want to delete from our Kindle device. So here are some steps that you can go through and delete a book from your Kindle device.

Check out the following steps for deleting a book from Kindle.

Step 1.
Turn on your Kindle.When your home screen will come, navigate through the Kindle library and find the book you want to delete or you don’t need.

Step 2.
The second step is to choose that book, and it will give you the plenty of options, in which you select “remove from device.” Then the book will go into the Archive. The archive in your device is to maintain the record of your books purchase. But they are temporarily stored in your device.

Step 3.
The other method to delete the book from Kindle is: If you want to permanently delete that book from your device, go to your Amazon account, that you linked with your Kindle, Go to the option “Manage your content and Devices”. You will look at your list of books, that you purchase. Just find the book you want to remove and click the “…” button on the left side of the title.

Step 4.
The drop down menu come, select the option delete. Then you get prompted to confirm, that you want to delete that book or not. Click on the option “Yes, delete permanently” and remove the file from your Kindle library.

There are two methods that you can delete a book from your Kindle device. First method by delete the book into your device. And the second method is by going through your Amazon account that you linked with your Kindle.

If you are still unable to do the steps, you can take the help of the technicians.You can contact Kindle Support phone number and get the kindle support from the technicians. 24*7 technical support.

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