Fix Printer Spooler Error – HP Printer Error Livetechys

Fix Printer Spooler Error

Fix Printer Spooler Error – HP Printer Error Livetechys

We generally use printers for printing the documents. But sometimes printers could be difficult to handle. We are discussing the most popular issue that often arises in HP Printer. This is one of the most common issue known as “Printer spooling”. Now we have a question in our mind that what is spooling? Spooling is a acronym used for the simultaneous peripheral operations online. It is the term given to the system on your computer that receives and order print commands. Often you don’t want to print, but your system gives order to print and you want to prevent that printer spooling that issues command to your printer.

If you accidentally print documents twice, then unplug your printer before it finished, and plug it in again to find that it still remembers that document you don’t want to print.

There are number of methods that you can prevent HP Printer spooling. To prevent it we have three types of methods. You can use one of these methods and stop printer spooling in your system.

We discuss these methods one by one. The methods you can use are:

1. By Using the Command Prompt

2. By Using Administrative tools

3. Using Task Manager

Every method has different steps.

Let’s check out the steps for each method one by one.

Steps by Using Command Prompt

1. Open the start menu either by pressing the windows key given on the keyboard or by clicking on the start icon given in the lower left corner of screen.

2. Type CMD in the start menu and the command prompt programs list will appear in front of you. Open it “as an administrator”.

3. Click “yes” on the popup warning dialog box. Now command prompt window will appear on your screen. You can enter text-based commands here.You can also run these commands using GUI Keyboards and mouse. But for saving time, we use command prompt.

4. In the command prompt you have to type “Net stop spooler” and press enter. You will see a line that say “the printer spooler service is stopping”. After sometime, if it gets successful, you will see a message again that your “printer spooler service was stopped successfully”.

5. If you don’t want that printer starts printing out documents once you restart spooling, then you have to delete all the outstanding Print jobs.

6. Enter C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS into the File Explorer address bar. And press Enter. A pop up dialog box will appear on your screen, and it can ask you for continue, then click continue if it is prompted.

Note:-Don’t delete the Printer folder, only the entries inside.

7. Start the Spooling again. In order to print the document, you have to restart the HP printer spooling. Go to the command prompt and type “net start spooler”. If it got successful, you will get a message that your HP Printer spooler service started successfully.

8. The spooling service now terminated,and the printer no longer print any document from the queue. Close the command prompt.

Now we discuss about the second method:

By using Administrative tools

1. Pause your printing immediately. By pausing printing, you will get enough time to cancel the tasks, that are already in the queue.

2. For opening the control panel. Press the window key, type Control panel and press enter.

3. Double click on “Administrative tools”. Go to “system prefrences and settings” option.One thing you have to notice that doing so many changes in the Administrative tools program can cause potential damage to your system. Just focus on the work of “HP Printer Spooling”.

4. Double click on the “services”. This option you will get in the “Administrative tools” window. When you double click on the Services option, you will get a list of services that are currently running on your computer or laptop. if you are finding difficulty to search that option, press “s” key in the Administrative tools window again and again. You will automatically get the services that are started from the “s”.

5. In the services, just right click and select stop “print spooler”. Then right click again and then select the stop option. This will stop the spooling service and now you can cancel any document in the queue.

6. Delete all the print jobs. (do same as step 6 in method 1) And then restart spooling. Right click on the same “printer spooler” option and select “start”. Now your HP printer is ready to select new print jobs.
(Note: Don’t delete Printer folder, only the entries inside)

Now we discuss the Third Method

By Using Task Manager

1. Open your task manager just by pressing ctrl+alt+delete key, and click on “Task Manager”. Then from all the tabs given in the Task manager, click on the “services” tab on the top.

2. To stop spooling, search the spooler service option, right click on it, and select “stop” option from the dropdown menu.

3. Delete all the print jobs.If you want to print the documents you have to restart spooling. For restart spooling, you have to cancel outstanding print jobs.

Enter C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS into the File Explorer address bar. And press Enter. A pop up dialog box will appear on your screen, and it can ask you for continue, then click continue if it is prompted.

4. Start the spooler again. Just right click on the “print spooler” option that is given in the task manager’s services list, and select start from the dropdown menu.

These are three methods that you can use to stop HP printer spooling. If you are still unable to do that you can take the help of the HP Printer assistant support.

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