When your laptop is not charging then check your laptop charging light is coming or not then do the troubleshooting follw the steps. 1. Plug the power adapter into the laptop charging port. 2. Then check the LED light of power adapter on your laptop it's on or off. 3. If light is not coming then replace the power adapter. 4. Now plug the new power adapter and charge the laptop.
If your Laptop or Desktop running very slow then follow the instructions those are given below. 1. Open the antivirus and scan your computer. 2. Remove the virus from your computer. 3. Update windows and drivers. 4. Remove Junk files. 5. Disable start up items. 6. Then make sure the laptop has started to perform well. 7. Still Pc running slow then contact our Dell Support Team.
The BSOD error (blue screen of death error.). If your computer screen is Blue or Black with some error then you can try these given issues. 1. Turn off your Dell computer and remove all the components (ex. USB, Printer etc.) for 10 minutes. 2. Then restart your computer and Press F8 and select Safe Mode. 3. Now your computer will be turn on in safe mode then restart the computer. 4. If same issue then you should contact customer care executives.
Live Techys through its brigade of Microsoft Certified engineers is always willing to lend a helping hand to clients. Using mediums such as Phone, Chat and Remote Access Technology, the company ends up getting any troubleshooting process underway as and when called upon.
The army of professionals at Live Techys is well versed with the art of troubleshooting any software glitches affecting operating systems. Supporting the latest and even legacy operating systems, the brand of techies are not only good at troubleshooting error messages but providing support for a range of operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MAC.
Your call would be attended in the shortest time span possible because we know any glitch with a PC can end up throwing back the productivity quotient by a long way. However, to better let you know we have 3 mediums at our disposal i.e. email, chat and remote access technology. And as a client you are always at a liberty to choose any one out of the three.
Using a secured web connection Global PC Cure technicians remotely view a computer screen. With a client’s permission they not only diagnose an issue on hand but even indulge in troubleshooting and providing resolution for a PC, network devices and other peripherals via the online route. All security features have been designed to allow Global PC Cure engineers to securely connect via an Administrative capability and at the same time view, scan, and troubleshoot a computer remotely via a dedicated PC Care web access.
Live Techys accepts all major credit cards and yet at the same time allows clients to make a payment via its secure website or to a technician directly over the phone line.
At Live Techys, all possible measures are taken to protect clients against any loss, misuse or alteration of information. The company uses industry-standard SSL techniques and encryption technologies while receiving any information online.