How to Get Back HP Printer Offline to Online? – HP Printer Offline


How to Get Back HP Printer Offline to Online? – HP Printer Offline


HP printer offline is the error that is common among many printers. And sometimes it gets so annoyed.

Before going through the HP Printer Offline Error, check out few things between the printer and computer. So the points you have to check is given below.

  1. Find that the USB cable on both sides should be properly inserted.
  2. If your printer has networks, then it is connected with the ethernet cables.
  3. Otherwise, you have wireless printer, then you should check your wi-fi connection.
  4. Also check out the connectivity with the router.

Make sure that your cable has no fault. If you get any fault in your cable that helps in connecting the computer and printer. Then try another cable.

How to Set Printer “Offline” to  “Online” Manually:

  1. Go to the Start icon on the bottom left of your screen then choose Control Panel and then Devices and Printers.
  2. Right-click the printer and select “View what is being printed”.
  3. Choose “Printer” from the top menu bar from the window which opens.
  4. From the drop-down menu, pick “Use Printer Online.”
  5. Delete all print jobs pending
  6. Tap the previously mentioned “See what printing” menu and click “Cancel” to print jobs.
  7. Choose “Use Printer Online” again with the removed print jobs.

If you are still getting problems, contact hp printer offline support number.

Delete Device and Reinstall Your Printer:

  1. Tap the Devices and Printer, right-click and choose “Device delete.”
  2. Now pick the Add a Printer option from Devices and Printers to add the printer again.
  3. Delete drivers and packages from the Printer
  4. Make sure to use Windows for administrative purposes or as one sign-in.
  5. In the search bar, select CMD.
  6. Open the “printui/s/t2” command prompt, including opening spaces for the Print Server Properties window.
  7. Now, delete the driver and the printer kit in question.
  8. By selecting Add a Printer from Devices and Printers, you can now add your printer again.
  9. Your printer should now be shown online, enabling you to continue to print.
  10. If an electronic problem with the printer is not likely to occur, more advice will be to contact the manufacturer of the printer or a printer technician.

In some cases, its better to buy a new printer, rather you are wasting your money on Repairing.

Install the Printer drivers Again:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Printers,’ to re-install the drivers. Choose the Printer after this.
  2. Right-click the button “Printer” and pick Assets.
  3. After searching for “General” and “Details,” select the Driver button. Pick the driver again.
  4. You might have to download the driver. It is possible. You can download it from the manufacturer’s website.
  5. Restart printer. Restart printer. Pick the Printer by going back in the ‘Settings’ menu and in the ‘Printers’ option.
  6. Remove the printer from the menu. Using the “Add Printer” wizard, reinstall again the printer.

Fix My HP Printer Offline to  Online

If you getting this error again and again, it’s better to call the technicians. They will help you on the phone. They are available for 24*7. Check out help from the experts.


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