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6 Easy Steps Fix Your Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On Kindle Support

6 Easy Steps Fix Your Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On | Kindle Support

If your Kindle Fire tablet doesn’t turn on or charge, don’t throw it just up till now. First, try these steps to troubleshoot your Kindle Fire to get your device charged and ready to use again.

Reasons for Kindle Fire Not Turning on or Charging:

When your Kindle fire won’t turn on or charge, it’s likely due to one of a few issues:

(i) Inadequate power supply.

(ii) An issue with the charger or outlet.

(iii) Harm to the internal hardware.

(iv) Corrupt or damaged files on the device.

Try these solutions in order to fix your issue i.e. Kindle Fire is not turning on:

(i) Give it an opportunity to charge: 

When you try to charge your Kindle fire, it does not start charging instantly when you attach it to the charger cable and plug the adapter to the power source. So, wait for a few moments and then try again.

(ii) Check the Charger:

Ensure you use the charger that is appropriate for your Kindle fire. If it gets damaged, change the adapter or power cable that you are using to charge your Kindle fire.

If you trying to charge your Fire tablet through the USB port of your PC, it could rise charging time or might stop charging altogether.

(iii) Try to Plug the Adapter to a different power outlet:

Some people often do mistake in this case. They try to charge their Kindle fire by connecting the power cable to the device and plug in the adapter to the power outlet. And if the device does not charge, they generally think that there is a fault in their cable or adapter. They don’t check the power outlet. So, Charge the device somewhere else. If you find an issue with the outlet, plug in a different device or appliance to make sure it works. To check the power outlet, connect the charger to another device and plug it in to ensure that your power outlet working properly or not.

Avoid charging your Kindle Fire in areas that are very hot or very cold. It can damage your battery.

(iv) Perform a soft reset: 

A soft reset resolves many common problems without affecting any data on the device. Check out the steps given below.

(i) Press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds, then release.

(ii) The charge indicator light should turn on after several seconds, and then the Kindle Fire should reboot.

(v) Change the Kindle Fire battery:

Often battery gets drainage fast. So, if you are facing this problem in your Kindle fire, replace your battery. The battery can be the problem for your Kindle fire not turning on.

(vi) Contact Kindle Support:

If your Kindle Fire tablet gets out of warranty, and you are facing this problem then don’t get panic. First, try the steps aforementioned here, still find issues like kindle fire won’t charge, etc. Contact Kindle support and get help from the experts.

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