4 Steps to Resolve Kindle Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Kindle won't connect to wi-fi

Resolve Kindle Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi | +1-800-214-4506 | Kindle Support Number

Kindle is a electronic device, especially designed for the e-readers. You can read, download, purchase books here. But sometimes facing technical glitches in the device gives us headache. Kindle won’t connect to wi-fi is one of the most common issue.

There are different ways that you can solve this issue.

First method to solve Kindle won’t connect to wi-fi issue is try by yourself. Check out the steps and try to connect the wi-fi by follow the instructions.

The second method is if you are unable to connect with wi-fi, then contact Kindle support number and take help for your device. Contact Kindle help number and the technicians will provide you the instant solution to your queries.

Kindle help number is the toll-free for your help. You can call at this number and can connect with a technician. The technicians are available for 24*7. For the quick and instant solution, technician is the best option.

Now if your Kindle is not able to connecting with wi-fi.

1. Check the Connection:
Try to connect other devices with the same network. If Other devices unable to connect with wi-fi. or you forgot your network password? Then contact your internet operator.

2. Check the mode of the Network:
Your device should not be in airplane mode. Check in settings in your Kindle device.

3. Check the version of the Software:
Check that your device has the latest software version. Restart your Kindle and network devices like modem or routers.

4. Try to connect your Kindle to Wi-Fi again or add a network manually.
Now if you want to add network annually.

Add a Wi-Fi Network Manually to Your Kindle E-Reader

The network to which you want to connect your kindle manually is not in the list. Try by yourself by just follow these instructions.

1. Range: You should be in range of that network. To which you want to connect.

2. From the home screen, select the Menu icon.

3. Go to Settings, then go to Wi-Fi & go to Bluetooth or Wireless.

4. Choose the wi-fi network and the list appears of wi-fi network. Choose your network from the list.

5. If your network is not showing in the list. Click on others.

6. Enter the name of your network and then your Wi-Fi password or network key.

7. Select Connect.

If you are still finding issues in your Kindle, not able to connect with wi-fi. Take the help of the technician and get rid of the issue that you are facing in your device. The toll-free number for Kindle support is +1-800-214-4506.

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