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Fix Word Print Function Not Responding or Working

Fix Word Print Function Not Responding or Working

Try to Get Solution to Common Printer Issues:

Microsoft Word is perhaps the handpicked word processing program on pc, mainly for Windows users. The program works well for the majority of users.But you may face the odd glitch. As it is the case with any other application. Who uses Windows 10 have come across Word’s print fail to respond? This could happen due to many reasons, but the decent thing is that it is not all that stiff or complicated to fix this fault.

Restart Your Printer:

Be sure to save whatever you are doing on your system.Close every program and open windows before you proceed. Then, reboot your PC. Then Unplug and plug your printer to restart it. Use a router if you are not using. It may fix some blocks.Which may keep you from printing your Word document.

Check Your Printer Connection:

Make sure that this device is turn on and every connection wire sits firmly. Confirm that paper is not jam in your printer and page is in right condition. Eliminate frizzy or bent paper to keep further jams from happening. The issue may be due to these reasons.

Check Your Connections of your Printer:

If your printer showing offline on Windows? Have you checked whether the interface you use to connect the printer to PC is working? If it is USB, then check the cables sit strongly and work fine. If wireless, check your router.Whether it is within range or not. Approve every device and hardware component is working properly.Before you review printing the document.

If you are still unable to print, then check is your printer arranged to offline mode. For that.Choose Start. Open Settings, go to Devices > Printers and scanners. In the new window, choose your printer and click Open queue. Beneath Printer, confirm whether there is a selection for Use Printer Offline option. If the issue persists, try the next step.

Use Printer Offline

Remove and Re-add the Printer

Try this step to see whether it fixes the issue. Go to Control Panel. Click view devices and printers.Right-click the printer and choose the Remove device option. Wait until Windows removes it. Later, click “Add a printer” button in the same window. To add it back again. Windows should then recognize your printer. That it is working how it should be.

Change the Word Document:

Maybe your problem has to do with the original file itself. Perhaps it is corrupted, or contains a format which the printer does not assist. Check whether print for a different document is working. If it is, copy the content from your problem document and paste it the same way in another document. Try printing the latter. You will require to reformat the text, but this step should fix the problem.

These are the steps through which you can fix the if your Word Print Function Not Responding or Working. Or you can get the help from the technicians. Contact HP Printer Assistant support number.

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